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Avoid the Costly Solar Panel Installation Costs by Doing it Yourself

Although there might be slight differences in your locality, here's an overview of the solar panel installation procedure. Some states and cities have streamlined the permitting procedure by streamlining the permit application process. In general, the whole process typically takes several visits along the way to complete.

The first thing you need to do is to get a permit to install the solar panels. The permit should be approved by your local planning department. Then, you can begin the actual installation. You will have to prepare the roof of your house for the installation by removing any existing shingles. You should also remove any loose tiles so that the installation can run underneath it unobstructed.

During the solar panel installation, you must ensure that you direct the maximum amount of sunlight to the panels. To do this, you can either install shading cloth on the roof or install rakes. This ensures that the maximum amount of sunlight hits the panels. The installation should be done on an east-west axes. If the panels are facing southward, direct the sunlight eastward as well. If you have a large roof area, it is wise to install them on an angle and reduce the sunlight exposure time during daytime. Be sure to check it out!

Another important aspect during the solar panel installation process is the ventilation of the roof space where the installation is to take place. The ventilation should be done through the use of good venting systems like chimneys, vents, fans and so on. In addition, if the installation involves several panels, then you will need to vent all of them at once. It is always recommended to use a professional contractor during the installation process for many reasons. A professional contractor will ensure that the installation process goes smoothly and also make sure that the solar panels are placed on a safe and stable structure, which is what you are looking for.Learn more about solar at

While installing the solar panels on your own may seem like a good idea initially, you should consider the fact that there are chances of something going wrong at the time of installation. Whether it is due to a sudden change in the weather or because of another factor, it is not very easy to repair such problems. If the damage is severe, then you may have to replace the panels completely. Hence, it is better to hire the services of a reputable solar installer and avoid the problems.

In case, if the installation is not completed properly or the installation is done by a novice then there are chances of the grid going down due to load fluctuation. To overcome this problem, you need to have some kind of a battery backup system installed in order to prevent huge monetary loss. Installing a battery backup system will help you to protect the electrical energy supply of your home. The best part aboutthese backup systems is that they can be built to suit the requirements of your home as per the usage. You do not have to worry about the mounting or placement of these panels on the roof as they can be easily mounted on the poles and cables on the roof of your house or even the ground.

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